Natural Gas

Information on natural gas in Rhode Island: basic service, rates, competitive suppliers, and resources to learn more.

Learn about Natural Gas

Do you have questions about the use of natural gas in Rhode Island? Want to learn where your natural gas comes from and how it is transmitted, distributed, and sold to end users? Click here to view our answers to some common questions about natural gas.

Natural Gas Service & Rates

In Rhode Island, rates for natural gas distribution service are approved by the Public Utilities Commission. Click here for more information on basic service and rates for National Grid gas customers.

Find a Supplier

In Rhode Island, business customers can choose to buy natural gas from a company other than National Grid. This is known as customer choice and the other company is known as a nonregulated power producer or competitive supplier. Click here for more information on natural gas competitive supply and third-party suppliers.

Need Help?

The Public Utilities Commission provides consumer information on billing dispute resolution, retail access, conservation, and consumer assistance programs. Click here for more information.

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