RI’s Clean Energy Portfolio

As of the fourth quarter of 2022, the state has counted approximately 1152 MW of clean energy generation capacity. Of that 1152 MW total, 529 MW is solar, 430 MW is offshore wind, 148 MW is onshore wind, 35 MW is landfill gas/anaerobic digestion, and 10 MW is small-scale hydroelectric power.

With the addition of the 400 MW Revolution Wind project, approximately 85 percent of Rhode Island's current clean energy portfolio is comprised of in-state renewables or projects scheduled for adjacent federal waters. For more information and resources on climate change in Rhode Island visit https://climatechange.ri.gov.

1268 Megawatts in RI's Clean Energy Portfolio. 11MW hydro, 35 MW anaerobic digestion, 148 MW onshore wind, 430 MW offshore wind, and 643 MW solar.

How we count projects in RI’s Clean Energy Portfolio

The projects that are counted in Rhode Island’s clean energy portfolio include a wide variety of sizes and locations, of the following technologies:

  • Solar, whether rooftop, carport, or ground mount
  • Small hydro
  • Wind, both offshore and onshore
  • Landfill gas/anaerobic digestion

Projects may be proposed, under development, or even under construction without being counted in the portfolio. A clean energy project is only counted when one of the following events has occurred:

  • Project is interconnected to the electric grid. This set of projects includes projects that use one of the state renewable energy programs, including the Renewable Energy Growth Program, Net Metering, the Renewable Energy Fund.
  • The project has a long-term contract or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) approved by the RI Public Utilities Commission (PUC). Projects in this category are generally larger scale projects which have been selected under a competitive bid process, negotiated a PPA with the utility, and had the PPA reviewed and approved by the PUC.