About OER

The Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources’ (OER) mission is to lead the state toward a clean, affordable, reliable, and equitable energy future. OER develops policies and programs that respond to the state's evolving energy needs, while advancing environmental sustainability, energy security, and a vibrant clean energy economy. OER is committed to working with public- and private-sector stakeholders to ensure that all Rhode Islanders have access to cost-effective, resilient, and sustainable energy solutions.

OER works closely with private and public stakeholders to increase the reliability and security of our energy supply, reduce energy costs and mitigate price volatility, and improve environmental quality. Rhode Islanders spend over $3 billion per year on energy to light their homes, keep the heat on, and fuel their vehicles. Fossil fuels such as natural gas, fuel oil, and gasoline supply the vast majority of these energy needs. By developing and implementing smart energy policies—such as those that promote energy efficiency and renewable energy—OER helps reduce Rhode Island's dependence on these out-of-state fuels, advancing our State as a national leader in the new clean energy economy.

OER operates at the nexus of the many ongoing efforts to transform the Ocean State energy system. Core functions of the office include:

  • Developing, administering, and monitoring a variety of programs designed to promote energy efficiency, renewable energy, alternative fuels, and energy assurance.
  • Offering technical assistance and funding opportunities for end-users including residents, businesses, and municipalities.
  • Providing policy expertise and support related to strategic energy planning, energy assurance, and clean energy workforce development.
  • Leveraging, coordinating, and aligning inter-agency, public-private, regional, and federal efforts to reach and exceed energy goals.

OER Annual Reports

Energy Assurance

OER is charged with monitoring the state's energy infrastructure and ensuring the adequate supply of diesel, gasoline, and heating fuels at the state's six fuel terminals. OER coordinates energy security matters and issues with the Governor's OfficeEmergency Management AgencyDivision of Public Utilities and CarriersNational Guard, and Rhode Island Energy.

For more information on energy assurance, please contact Chris Kearns at christopher.kearns@energy.ri.gov.

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