Electric Vehicles

Information on electric vehicles in Rhode Island: current market, programs, incentives, and resources to learn more.

Learn about Electric Vehicles

Do you have questions about electric vehicles? Want to learn about the benefits, impacts, and facts? 

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Charging stations for electric vehicles are available to the public at various locations throughout Rhode Island. 

Electrify Rhode Island: Electric Vehicle Charging Station Incentive Program

Receive funding for the installation of your electric vehicle charging station. Up to $1.4 million in incentives are available.

National Grid Electric Transportation & Charging Programs

As part of the Rhode Island Power Sector Transformation Initiative, National Grid has launched new programs aimed at electrifying the transportation sector. 

  1. Charging Station Demonstration Program:  Interested in installing electric vehicle charging stations at your work or business?  Do you own or manage a multi-unit dwelling?  National Grid can cover up to 100% of the infrastructure and equipment cost.  To learn more about this limited time offering, or to apply, click here.
  2. Distribution Demand Discount for Publicly-Accessible DCFC Stations:  New or existing owners/operators of DC Fast Charging stations in Rhode Island may be eligible for a discount on their electric bill for publicly-accessible DCFC stations.  For more information, follow this link.
  3. Fleet Advisory Services:  National Grid is offering advisory services to Rhode Island-based fleets who are interested in going electric.  The offering is limited to approximately 12 fleet operators.  For more information, or to apply, click here!

Workplace Charging

State Employees - Click here to learn more about the State of Rhode Island Workplace Charging Program.

Programs & Incentives

Want to learn if an electric vehicle is right for your home or business? Electric vehicles are an eligible technology under the Rhode Island programs listed below. Click here for more information on Rhode Island’s energy programs and incentives.

Additional Resources