Advantages of Investing in Electric Vehicles

Less Maintenance

Electric Vehicles have fewer moving parts than traditional combustion engine vehicles, and therefore require less servicing. Brake pads on electric vehicles also last longer, as many EVs utilize regenerative braking which puts less stress on the brake pads. To learn more, visit this link.

Fewer Fuel Costs

Charging a BEV is cheaper than filling up a gas-powered vehicle. A study by the University of Michigan Transportation Institute found that in Rhode Island, the average fuel cost per year for gas vehicles was just over 1.5 times the average fuel cost for battery-electric vehicles. To compare fuel costs in other states, or the national average, click here and go to pages 8-9. Also, visit for more information.

Less Pollution

BEVs have no tailpipe emissions, and FCEVs only emit water vapor and warm air. PHEVs and HEVs also emit far less nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons than traditional gas & diesel-powered vehicles, as they have increased fuel efficiency. This decrease in air pollution means cleaner air and easier breathing. In addition, electric motors produce far less noise than combustion engines, decreasing noise pollution in urban centers. To learn more about EVs positive impact on our environment, click here.