Our sun contains limitless amounts of clean, renewable energy that can be utilized to produce electricity without emissions of greenhouse gases and particles that pollute our environment. Solar photovoltaic, also known as solar PV, systems are one way we can harness this energy and convert sunlight directly into electricity, which can be used to power your home or small business. Solar energy will be an essential part of our future as it will be critical in remediating economic, environmental, and social concerns that arise from the production of fossil fuels.

Whether you are a planning a project for your home, your commercial business, your community, or for your farm, there are many existing incentives in Rhode Island that can help you out and save you money. Each incentive below has elements that can provide assistance to you no matter what sort of system you are looking to install.

Click on each incentive to learn more. Once you have read up on these incentives, check out our step by step guide to going solar.

Community Solar

Net Metering

Renewable Energy Fund (REF)

Renewable Energy Growth Program (REG)

Federal Tax Credit

RI Efficient Buildings Fund

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy

RI Sales Tax Exemption for Renewable Energy

Programs for Farms

Solar Siting Guidelines and Information for Municipalities

Additional information on Rhode Island programs and incentives can be accessed at DSIRE: Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency.

State of Rhode Island

Office of Energy Resources