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Use of Operating Agreements and Energy Storage to Reduce Photovoltaic Interconnection Costs

Conceptual Framework and Technical and Economic Analysis – From 2019-2022, the Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources, National Grid, Rocky Mountain Institute, National Renewable Energy Lab, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and Clean Energy States Alliance partnered on a project supported by the Solar Energy Innovation Network. This 2022 report explores one integrated technical and process concept designed to manage interconnection costs and streamline interconnection timelines to support near-term renewable energy deployment.

Energy Efficiency Programs Evaluation Study

Task 1 Report, Task 2 Report, and Task 3 Report - This study was undertaken by OER as a result of an amendment made to the Least Cost Procurement Law RIGL §39-1-27.7 in 2018 by the State Legislature to require that an energy consulting company conduct an energy savings verification study on National Grid’s energy efficiency programs.

Rhode Island Carbon Pricing Study 2020

The Rhode Island Carbon Pricing Study seeks to investigate potential state and region carbon pricing policies and produce a report that outline key findings from the policy analysis,modeling and stakeholder engagement.

Block Island Saves Full Report and Executive Summary (April 2018)

This report describes the results of the 2015-2017 Pilot Energy Efficiency Program in New Shoreham, RI.

Resilient Microgrids for Critical Services (March 2017) 

This report describes technologies, procurement strategies, and polices that can contribute to microgrid development.

Rhode Island Renewable Thermal Market Development Strategy (January 2017)

This report considers benefits, impacts, barriers, and opportunities to promote “renewable thermal” technologies in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Zero Emission Vehicle Action Plan (ZEV Action Plan) (March 2016) 

The ZEV Action Plan created a process to guide state and local decision makers on how to successfully increase the number of ZEVs on Rhode Island roadways.

Systems Integration Rhode Island (SIRI) (January 2016) 

The SIRI group took a first step at mapping out key issues related to the future of Rhode Island's electric grid.

Rhode Island Public Energy Partnership (RIPEP) (December 2015)

RIPEP was a precedent-setting collaboration to achieve deep energy savings in municipal, school, and state facilities.

Energy 2035: Rhode Island State Energy Plan (October 2015)

The State Energy Plan is Rhode Island’s first data-driven energy planning and policy document.

Thermal Working Group (July 2015) 

The Thermal Working Group evaluated how the state can better extend the full benefits of energy efficiency to delivered fuels (heating oil and propane) customers.

House Energy Security Resolution Report (April 2014)

This report describes findings and recommendations on the State’s energy security and improvement opportunities.