Climate Justice Hours

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In coordination with the Climate Justice Specialist within the Department of Environmental Management (DEM), Climate Justice Hours have been set up to meet Rhode Island residents located in both our urban and rural areas to understand community perspectives and how that community perspective may be incorporated in the early stages of state, municipal, and/or city planning, development, and implementation. Additionally, Climate Justice Hours have been a platform to educate community about programs and opportunities within Rhode Island.

Greg Ohadoma, Energy Justice Manager with the RI OER, wants to hear from community voices, organizers, and environmental justice advocates about the pressing climate change issues that have affected Rhode Island communities. This is an ongoing conversation to inform the work of Greg, relevant organizations, and to connect them with the most important perspectives of Rhode Islanders... YOURS!

Listen to the successes and failures of past and existing programs and policies of our respective agencies. Listen to the past histories and present realities of community-focused entities who have been harmed or have benefited from programs or policies.

Learn what values are shared across different stakeholders and interest groups. Learn what support, resources, or information is needed to resolve unaddressed issue(s) or legacy harm(s).

Connect with all persons who have shared values in conservation, education, environmental justice, a just transition, etc. Connect with all persons who have the expertise, capacity, or knowledge of a subject area with persons who need that support.

Climate Justice Hour

Location: Hope & Main, 691 Main Street, Warren, Rhode Island 02885

Climate Justice Hour Flyer
Climate Justice Hour Flyer in Spanish

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Greg Ohadoma

Manager, Energy Justice

(401) 714-3311