Affordable Solar Access Pathways (ASAP) Program

The Affordable Solar Access Pathways (ASAP) Program, administered by the Renewable Energy Fund and the Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources, will provide qualifying households in environmental justice areas access to affordable rooftop solar and energy efficiency services through an innovative solar lease. PosiGen, a public benefit corporation and certified B Corp with a mission to provide “Solar For All,” was selected as the lease provider for the ASAP program.

ASAP Program Metrics 

ASAP Program Metrics

What are the benefits of the ASAP Solar Lease? 

  • No minimum Credit Score or Income Requirement
  • Energy Efficiency: PosiGen will conduct a home energy audit and implement energy efficiency upgrades at no extra charge to boost energy savings. 
  • Discounted Pricing: Eligible homeowners will receive a discounted solar lease that will provide savings for residents on both the standard residential (A-16) or low-income (A-60) utility rate.
  • 25-year Performance Guarantee, Maintenance, and Warranty Support: During the duration of the lease, PosiGen is responsible for system repairs, warranty claims, and insuring the system for the full 25 years. We also provide a 25-year performance guarantee with compensation if the system does not produce as much electricity as expected.
  • Guaranteed First-Year Savings: We guarantee that you will save money on your energy costs during the first year, and expect savings over the term of the lease.


How Can I Qualify?

  • Live in a 1-4 unit home
  • Live in a designated Environmental Justice Focus Area or a census tract eligible for the federal solar Low-Income Communities Bonus Credit Program.
  • Have a household income at or below 80% of the state median income.
  • Your roof must be in good condition. PosiGen will conduct a thorough review to ensure the solar system can meet certain performance requirements.


To see if you qualify or to sign up for a no cost, no obligation solar assessment, please visit Posigen's ASAP Program Website


Visit Posigen's ASAP Program Website