Renewable Energy Growth Program (REG Program)


The Renewable Energy Growth (REG) Program, administered by Rhode Island Energy, supports the development of distributed generation projects in Rhode Island. Eligible technologies include wind, solar, small-scale hydropower, and anaerobic digestion. The program enables customers to sell their generation output under long-term tariffs at fixed prices. Each year the program is revised with new ceiling prices and a megawatt allocation plan. The Distributed Generation Contracts Board, a ten-member board, oversees the REG program and is responsible for developing and recommending the annual program plan.


REG Development Process for Potential 2024-2026 PY Filing


Small Scale REG Program

The Small-Scale REG program is available to homeowners and small commercial customers for projects 25kW and smaller. Click here for a summary of the REG Program for Small-Scale Projects. The program year opens on April 1st each year and is available on a first come, first serve basis until the program is fully subscribed. Applications must be submitted electronically via RI Energy’s Interconnection Process Webpage. Customers participating in the Small-Scale REG program must submit a W-9 to RI Energy and should review RI Energy’s policies regarding taxation, which can be found here.

Commercial Scale REG Program

Applications for commercial-scale solar, hydro, wind and anaerobic digester projects must be submitted electronically during an open two-week enrollment period.

Quality Assurance for the REG Program Since 2017

The DG Board, OER, and RI Energy have supported a quality assurance program for the REG program. This program supports REG project inspections, development of best practices for interconnection, and training to new and existing solar installers.

Webinar for Self-Installers and New Installers

REG Small Scale project installation quality is of vital importance to protect customers who have gone solar and to help support a growing solar industry in Rhode Island. Beginning in 2019, all self-installers and new installers that have not previously applied to the Small-Scale REG program must complete a training prior to applying to RI Energy for a project.

The training is a webinar and must be watched, in its entirety, by the self-installer or one person within the solar installation company that is responsible for project installation and/or oversight of project construction. The definition of a solar installation company in terms of this training means the company with which the customer has signed a turnkey contract and provides the workmanship warranty. Only one person per company must complete the training, however it can be completed by multiple employees and/or electrical subcontractors.

Upon completion of the webinar, an email will be generated indicating that the self-installer or new installation company have completed the training. Make sure to upload the email to the interconnection portal with other backup documentation.

If your company has submitted an application to the REG program in previous years (prior to April 1, 2019) you do not need to complete this training. However, this webinar was developed as a resource and can be reviewed at any time by new or existing employees.

Minimum Technical Guidance

Minimum Technical Guidance has been developed for the REG Small Scale program. This document provides guidance for the installation of Small-Scale REG projects.

Inspections of REG projects

All REG projects may be subject to a third-party inspection. This inspection is mandatory if the project is selected for an inspection. Through a competitive bid process, OER has selected a consultant for these inspections.


You can view past Quality Assurance Reports here:

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