Oil & Propane FAQs

Find answers to your questions about Oil & Propane:

Home heating oil (#2 distillate fuel) and propane are important heating fuels in Rhode Island. Over one-third of Rhode Island homes heat with oil and propane; these fuels supply nearly 40% of Rhode Island’s overall heating needs.

Petroleum-based fuels such as heating oil and propane are not locally produced in Rhode Island. The state receives shipments of refined petroleum product via six marine import terminals in East Providence, Providence, and Tiverton. Most of the product arriving at the terminals is subsequently trucked to end users in Rhode Island, eastern Connecticut, and parts of Massachusetts. The East Providence Exxon Mobil terminal owns and operates the sole refined products pipeline in the state, a small-diameter pipeline that transports product up to the Springfield, Massachusetts terminal.

Rhode Island does not regulate retail sales of heating oil and propane. Sales are managed primarily by local fuel dealers who sell product to residential and commercial customers. Some large commercial and industrial customers who have on-site reserves purchase fuel directly from wholesale distributors.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration provides Rhode Island-specific energy consumption and expenditure data. The Rhode Island State Energy Plan provides additional Rhode Island-specific energy information and background.