Danielle Jameson joined OER as the climate change programs and policy manager

Published Date
January 2023

Danielle Jameson joined OER in December 2022 as the climate change programs and policy manager. We are thrilled to have her on our team and asked her to introduce herself to our readers.

Danielle Jameson
Danielle Jameson

Please share with us your information about your background.

I graduated from the University at Buffalo with a BS in Environmental Science. I started with the National Park Service at a National Recreation Area in Brooklyn, New York, leading an urban camping program. I then joined the Peace Corps in Peru and worked together with local water committees, helping to provide them the information and resources they needed to supply potable water to their communities. I continued my studies at Tufts University where I earned a master's degree in urban environmental policy and planning. My research focused on climate change adaption in unique environments such as small islands and salt marshes.

Describe what led you to work at OER?

Upon graduating I found myself working at the Environmental Protection Agency managing Brownfields grants. While a great job and a noble cause, I wanted to work more specifically on climate change. This opportunity with OER allowed me to put my schooling into practice while working in an area I am passionate about. 

What do you see as the biggest opportunity for Rhode Island in adopting clean energy?

The biggest opportunity for clean energy is rebuilding the energy system based on equity and justice. We need to be sure that as we transition to clean energy, we are prioritizing the needs and listening to the voices of minority and frontline communities.

Name: Danielle Jameson

Job Title: Climate Change Programs and Policy Manager

Hometown: Queens, NY

Favorite Food: Ravioli

Favorite hobby and/or sport: reading, touring cities, hanging out with friends and family, painting 

Ideal Vacation: Exploring any new place!

A cause or charity that’s important to me: In addition to environmental and climate justice, I am also passionate about advocating for prison reform and immigrant rights.