E-Bikes across Rhode Island - Kent Kreutler

Published Date
July 2023

The Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources (OER) has been traveling around Rhode Island to interview recipients of the Erika Niedowski Electric Bike Rebate Program, which offers standard and income-qualified rebates for electric bikes. These bikes offer enhanced speed and distance compared to conventional bikes while still providing exercise and the joy of biking.

Kent Kreutler
Kent Kreutler

Kent Kreutler, a retired resident of Charlestown, Rhode Island, is thoroughly enjoying his new Aventon electric bike. After purchasing the bike for $1,800, he was delighted to receive a $1,000 rebate provided by OER, which is available to income-eligible residents.

"Electric bikes allow you to go further and faster, which makes them a viable form of transportation for getting around town," said Kent.

He decided to invest in the Aventon Pace 500 Version 2, a class 3 electric bike capable of reaching speeds up to 28 miles per hour. The online purchase and application process were seamless, and Kent picked up his bike at Best Buy, ready to hit the road.

To his surprise, Kent’s electric bike quickly became his preferred mode of transportation for visiting friends, exploring the coastline, and running errands efficiently. By choosing the e-bike over his car, Kent not only saved significantly on gas costs but also reduced his carbon footprint, contributing to a cleaner and greener Rhode Island.

Kent has had his e-bike for over 8 months and values the motor of his electric bike, which effortlessly assists him up inclines, making Rhode Island's hilly terrain easy to tackle. He has also equipped his e-bike with various accessories, including a bike rack and a back light.

Maintenance for Kent's e-bike is simple. Apart from routine chain oiling, the only additional task is charging the battery after each outing, which typically takes two hours. The e-bike's easy upkeep makes it an appealing choice for everyday transportation.

"Every time I go out, it's a memorable experience," said Kent.

Kent encourages traditional bike riders to apply for the e-bike rebate. He emphasizes the program's smooth application process and affordability for income-eligible residents. Kent's journey is a testament to the program's success in empowering individuals to make sustainable transportation choices, fostering a cleaner and more vibrant Rhode Island.

To learn more about rebates for e-bike visit: drive.ri.gov/ebike

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