E-Bikes across Rhode Island - Larry Davis

Published Date
August 2023

The Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources (OER) has been traveling around Rhode Island to interview recipients of the Erika Niedowski Electric Bike Rebate Program, which offers standard and income-qualified rebates for electric bikes. These bikes offer enhanced speed and distance compared to conventional bikes while still providing exercise and the joy of biking. 

Larry Davis
Larry Davis

Larry Davis is an e-bike owner in Newport who uses his bike for running errands and riding around his favorite spots in Rhode Island, including Fort Adams. Larry was able to purchase his e-bike through OER’s e-bike rebate program. Since he purchased the e-bike in November, Larry has put over 600 miles on it. 

E-bikes are electric bicycles with a motor that gives riders a boost and has a rechargeable battery. With an e-bike, users can save money on fuel and maintenance by replacing daily car trips with e-bike rides. They offer the advantages such as, making it easier to travel greater distances, conquer hills more easily, reduce perspiration, and reduce their carbon footprint. 

“Applying for the rebate was very easy,” said Larry. “The application was straight forward, and I had no trouble with it.”

The Erika Niedowski Memorial Electric Bike Rebate Program is an extension of DRIVEEV. The program has been open since October 24, 2022, and it has given a total of 660 rebates as of July 31, 2023. 

Hills are no longer a barrier for Larry’s bike rides. The motor on the e-bike aids the rider when going up hills, making the commute easier and faster than on a traditional bike. This gives Larry the option to completely replace his car and use his e-bike for commuting and recreation. 

E-bikes require very little maintenance. Larry has not noticed any differences when comparing the e-bike to a traditional bike, other than having to charge the battery. 

Owning an e-bike has made Larry more motivated to go out on bike rides and encourages anyone interested in an e-bike to apply for the rebate. 

To learn more about rebates for e-bike visit: drive.ri.gov/ebike.