Lead by Example: Narragansett Bay Commission on track to reach "net-zero" electrical use by 2018

Published Date
July 2018

Narragansett bay commission

The Narragansett Bay Commission (NBC) is a renewable energy leader among Rhode Island State quasi-public agencies. NBC currently obtains 45 percent of its energy needs from six 1.5 MW industrial class wind turbines and has established a goal of obtaining all electricity from local renewable energy resources by December 2018 to achieve "net-zero" status. 

Wastewater treatment facilities are one of the largest consumers of electricity. The treatment process requires a consistent and reliable source of electricity to run its wastewater collection and treatment operations. NBC is using more than 36,000,000 kWh of electricity annually at a cost of about $4 million per year.

Therefore, NBC is leading by example and making a full transition toward renewable energy sources to achieve its “net-zero” status well in advance of the 2025 goal set forth in Governor Raimondo’s Lead by Example Executive order.

The State's Lead by Example initiative promotes the adoption of clean energy measures across public sector facilities and state agencies. State and municipal employees are helping to reduce energy costs and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, consistent with Rhode Island's economic, energy and environmental goals.