Power Sector Transformation

Information on “Power Sector Transformation” initiatives in Rhode Island: pilots and programs related to systems integration, system reliability, electric distribution grid planning, and resources to learn more.

Power Sector Transformation Initiative

In November 2017, OER, along with the Division of Public Utilities and Carriers and Public Utilities Commission, issued a major report on how Rhode Island could develop a more dynamic regulatory framework to enable a cleaner, more affordable, and reliable energy system for the twenty-first century. For more information on the state's Power Sector Transformation Initiative, please visit ripuc.ri.gov.

Systems Integration Rhode Island (SIRI)

Systems Integration Rhode Island (SIRI) examined key issues related to the future of the state’s electric grid in the context of growth in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other distributed energy resources. 

The OER System Reliability Procurement Solar DG Pilot Project

OER spearheaded a pilot to understand how renewable distributed generation—in particular, solar power—could potentially reduce the need for costly investments in utility infrastructure to meet growing energy demand. 

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Power Sector Transformation