Rhode Island Stretch Codes

In February 2018, Rhode Island’s first voluntary Stretch Codes were made available to private and public building construction and renovation projects. The codes were developed with the assistance of subject matter experts and were vetted through a public comment process.

Current Rhode Island Stretch Codes are available below and through the Building Code Commission’s website.The Stretch Codes can be used to comply with Rhode Island’s Green Buildings Act (RIGL §37-24). More information on the Green Buildings Act requirements can be found below.

Rhode Island’s Stretch Codes are meant to be used on a voluntary basis to guide the construction and/or renovation of buildings that use less energy, have less negative impact on the environment, and achieve higher levels of occupant health and comfort. New building construction and large-scale renovation projects are also encouraged to use the Stretch Codes to help maximize the financial incentives available from Rhode Island Energy’s Energy Efficiency Programs. (To learn more about Rhode Island Energy’s new construction services, call 888-887-8841).

The Office of Energy Resources worked with its state partners and other stakeholders to develop the state’s first voluntary Stretch Codes in 2017.

What is a Stretch Code?

A stretch code is a building code or compliance pathway that is more aggressive than base code. Also known as "reach codes", stretch codes can be either voluntary or mandatory. Their main purpose is to help buildings achieve higher energy savings and implement advanced building practices.

Current Rhode Island Stretch Codes & Accompanying Compliance Documents:

Members of the stretch code development team included representatives from OER, Rhode Island’s Energy Efficiency and Resource Management Council (EERMC), Rhode Island Energy, the Green Building Advisory Committee (GBAC), the Rhode Island Code Commission, Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP), and other subject matter experts.

A summary of the development and maintenance process for Rhode Island’s Stretch Codes along with OER’s responses to all submitted public comments and public meeting minutes are available here.

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