Lead by Example

The Lead by Example Program supports State agencies and Municipal governments in lowering greenhouse gas emissions and reducing energy costs across Rhode Island through investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and clean transportation.

In May 2023, Executive Order 23-06 was signed which directed, "State Agencies to Lead by Example in Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy." This Executive Order updates the targets and responsibilities of the "Lead by Example" program within the Office of Energy Resources (OER) "to oversee and coordinate efforts at State agencies to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions".

The Lead By Example program provides important technical, procurement, and financial assistance to the public sector which enables them to implement clean energy projects and helps lead the way to meeting the greenhouse gas emission reduction mandates established in the 2021 Act on Climate legislation. The OER Commissioner is the Vice-Chair of the Executive Climate Change Coordinating Council (EC4) and through the work of the Lead by Example program and other OER initiatives, we are committed to leading the State towards meeting our important climate goals.

Reports, Data & Publications

OER posts annual reports for the Lead by Example program and useful information about the State’s energy consumption. 

On-Going Programs and Case Studies

OER has developed a number of programs and initiatives to achieve Lead by Example goals. 

Lead by Example Energy Awards

OER’s Lead by Example Awards recognize state agencies, quasi-public agencies and municipalities for their recent energy efficiency and renewable energy achievements. 

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