Energy Profiles

  • Company Profile: Blount Boats | July 2019
    Blount Boats

    When the Revolution Wind project starts construction in 2022, hundreds of workers will be needed for the assembly of about 50 offshore wind turbines. However, transporting all these workers to their job sites and then back to shore at the end of the day presents a logistical challenge.

  • Company Profile: Specialty Diving Services | March 2019
    specialty diving services

    We see builders all over Rhode Island working on roads, bridges and buildings. However, there is another type of builder we never see – those working in the depths of rivers, lakes, bays and the open ocean. Nick Tanionos is CEO of Specialty Diving Services, an underwater construction company located at the Quonset Port and Commerce Park, North Kingstown, in the heart of Narragansett Bay.

  • Company Profile: TPI Composites | November 2018

    TPI Composites, located in Warren, uses a special molding process to make the bus bodies lighter, stronger and last longer. The lighter body allows the bus to use less electricity and travel more miles on a single charge than a traditional diesel bus. TPI shipped the completed body to Proterra in California where the company assembled the bus.

  • Energy Profile: Town of Westerly | November 2018
    Department of Public Works garage

    The Town of Westerly, with its world-famous Watch Hill coastal village, is among Rhode Islanders’ favorite summer destinations. Rich in history, it has been home to Hollywood legends such as Clark Gable and business titans including Henry Ford.

  • Energy Profile: Helping Hands Community Partners completes major energy efficiency project | October 2018
    Helping Hands Community Partners

    Helping Hands Community Partners, a Providence-based nonprofit organization, actively works with government agencies and banks to acquire distressed properties. Using local labor, Helping Hands rehabilitates those properties so they can be sold at below-market prices...

  • Meet Lisa Bryer, Jamestown Town Planner | September 2018
    Lisa Bryer

    Lisa Bryer has been the Jamestown Town Planner for 21 years. She lives with her husband, James, who works as the town’s fire chief. They have a son, Ian, and daughter, Rachel. Lisa has always considered herself to be environmentally conscious and wanted to do her part to help the world by reducing her reliance on fossil fuels.

  • Company Profile: Shaidzon Beer Company | September 2018
    Shaidzon Beer Company

    Shaidzon Beer Company, located in West Kingston, Rhode Island, was recently voted the second "favorite solar brewery” in New England and 15th in the country in the Brews from the Sun  competition.